Services through Burke And Associates are differentiated from others in that we:

  1. Stress the development of skills, which result in improved business results rather than just modification of problem behaviors (often known as remedial coaching). Our bottom line: We help good people become even better.
    Provide coaching that offers a consistent coaching process / methodology.
  2. We coach from a deep background of having exceptional prior business leadership expertise. We have evaluated key contributing talent; we have been in the role of on-boarding talent, at all levels; we bring over 15 years of stellar business performance …. practicing and doing what we deliver.
  3. Have a superb cadre of business advisers that have earned customer trust through over 30 years focus on their organization needs. We listen deeply to the customer; and do not make “intellectual leaps”, but instead demonstrate we  have heard the “real” business question or business need. We are not transactional! We are in our business for the relationship, and helping those we work with achieve their goals.
  4. We well understand the critical need for confidentiality, and have a superb reputation specific to our integrity.
    Providing superb coaching that is directly tied to the organization’s leadership needs / results is but one solution. We know the value of, and provide exceptional assessment of talent. We utilize tools that represent the appropriate solution and are respected in the marketplace.
  5. Offer international delivery capability for an individual or leadership development programs.

Coaching is but one solution!  We have exceptional references in our team leadership and speaking programs.  Each solution is framed at helping the individual or the organization achieve business goals.