Your management team and other key contributors have undoubtedly got where they are because they were outstanding performers. And yet, like world-class athletes, even the best can get better!

Burke and Associates performance business coaching enables these individuals to strengthen specific skills, abilities, and behaviors that will make them more effective as leaders and contributors to a team or organization.

Our approach is unusual, however, in that we focus only on those areas that have a direct impact on the organization’s ability to achieve mission-critical objectives. So as your people strengthen their performance, they optimize the organization’s performance as well.

Using a structured but customized process, we work one-on-one with your selected individuals to understand their current business realities, assess their strengths and weaknesses, identify ways to improve specific business and leadership abilities, and deliver better business results.

A typical coaching engagement results in improved communication, teamwork, and trust as well as enhanced morale, loyalty, and retention. This translates into increased efficiency, productivity, and profitability—measurable, sustainable bottom-line impact.

Burke and Associates brings over 15 years experience to you to your organization business coaching that is sustainable!