Patricia Lee Burke

Executive Vice President, N. A.
Performance Strategies

Professional Bio (PDF)

Pat is the Executive Vice President, N.A. of Burke And Associates, a consulting practice founded in 1990, that is dedicated to assisting organizations maximize their workforce human potential.  Pat’s specific practice area is focused around customer talent pools from new hires to senior executive teams. Bringing over twenty years of successful senior corporate experience and a deep understanding of performance management, she brings this deep expertise to Burke and Associates. Focusing on increasing the capability of organizations to execute business strategies, specific to development, communication, thought leadership and systemic processes, is her emphasis and strength.

Over twenty years of successful senior corporate experience
and a deep understanding of performance management

Internationally, she has partnered with affiliates in Israel, the United Kingdom, South America, Mexico, Australia, Asia and Canada, where she has designed and executed programs on performance, team collaboration and talent succession issues.

Driving business objectives is achieved through a talented, motivate and a “mission critical” focused work force. Her expertise specific to viewing the “new” employee / employer contract is superb!  She often leads groups in understanding their contributions to the “world of work”, and with the growing demographic changes to the labor market, she is more than an expert in helping individuals evaluate and explore work options … in a non-threatening manner.

Pat is asked to facilitate, lead and leads internal organizational briefings on a broad variety of subjects. She is considered to be an exceptional knowledge source facilitating strategy-driven decision making, the linchpin to work alignment.  Partnering on content and outcomes is a hallmark of her work!

Pat’s specific coaching practice is focused on maximizing performance; helping individual contributors understand their contributions, and how to communicate effectively; executing business initiatives and enhancing talent contributions.

Her significant accomplishments include:

  • As a senior executive member of a global organization, designed compensation strategies, which when executed upon became the path to partnership.
  • Designed and executed business models which became the standard for national and international business to business development.
  • Coached key leadership and contributors on tactical process to measure and achieve benchmarks using MBO stair-stepping.
  • She has coached leaders in the design and communication of their business vision, which leads to and has led to the successful execution of their business plans.
  • Assessed and evaluated staff, at all levels, providing expert 360 feedback as well as individual assessment and leadership pillars. This has been done nationally and internationally.
  • Pat helps individual contributors identify their predominant strengths, and improved their performance through performance project modeling.
  • Coaching individual’s on their personal competencies, specific to their professional development goals and organization measurable performance objectives.
  • Designed and facilitated team workshops and retreats, individualizing subject matter to the client’s goals. (She speaks nationally and internationally.)
  • Provides 360 assessments, feedback and leadership development specific to the organization’s annual leader criteria.
  • Coach sales team in sales modeling and Business-to-Business methodologies. Setting project planning processes and objectives into place.
  • Developed high functioning and performance teams … and has references to document that!

Pat has been quoted in “Workforce”, the Wall Street Journal, Oregon Business Journal, and the Professional Sales Marketing Journal, The Oregonian, and Business Week Magazine.

Certifications include: DISC Advanced Certified Behavioral Analyst, MBL Analyst, PI360-Checkpoint Leadership Development System Associate, Myers Briggs Type Indicator Associate, 16PF, Lominger Competency Associate, High Performance Sales, RavenHouse International Executive Sales Leadership, MRG-Strategic Leadership Development Associate, SPQ, and T.Duncan Senior Sales Mastery Associate.

She is authored in several books; most currently addressing the topic of “Raising the Performance Bar on Everything” and “Five Star Leadership”. She has written; “Exploration – A Light at the end of the Tunnel”; “Exploration – Leading Organizational Change”, and co-authored (for a global organization) “Change Management.” She has been honored by being recognized by a global leader now author, Robert Critchley, in his book titled: “Rewired, Rehired or Retired?” and his most recent book, “Doing Nothing Is Not An Option”.