We are most commonly selected because of our first-hand knowledge of business realities combined with coaching expertise. We know our way around the executive suite and the boardroom and know the behaviors that accompany executive careers and lead to individual and corporate success. We are experts with regards to assessment processess; delivering feedback; project reporting; and the execution of working developmental plans.

Our coach/client relationships are strengthened by a focus on business results and an ability to help executives with strategic business challenges and issues that directly relate to effective leadership. The success of an executive coaching experience can be directly linked to the high value that executives place on working with coaches who understand the unrelenting pressure to respond effectively to business and leadership challenges.

Burke and Associates has been in business for over 15 years. We are known by our name and solid reputation. Pat Burke, our Executive Vice President has worked on projects globally, which would include Israel, Europe, South America, Asia, Canada and of course across North America. She has over twenty-five years of top corporated responsibilities in broad-reaching environments. She has been on the senior executive team of a global leadership organization, focusing on solutions that help organizations align their workforces to meet critical changing business needs. Pat’s primary focus is on increasing the capability of organizations to execute business strategies, specifically on critical individual contributor’s performance, communication, thought leadership and systemic processes.