Gary Burke
President / CEO
Network Design and Solutions

Burke & Associates was founded in 1991. In 1997 Gary Burke became President and CEO. He brought with him a much sought-after platform of knowledge and insight in the IT world. That, together with his consistent standard of customer centered focus, continues to gain Burke & Associates its solid reputation for integrity and effective solutions.

Gary’s broad leadership background in Information Technology spans over twenty years. This is combined with a history in management and leadership responsibilities outside the field of IT. His experience specific to Information Technology includes Senior Programmer Analyst, Project Manager, and Chief Information Officer. His primary focus has been in Health Care and High Technology, but a list of his clients includes businesses in the following fields: Staffing, Law Enforcement, Pharmaceutical Warehousing, Dental Offices, Legal Offices, Not-for-Profit Organizations and Property Management firms. Burke & Associates believes this background gives Gary an unusual ability to see issues from the perspective of our customers and their stakeholders. He has an exceptional talent for encompassing and communicating these multiple viewpoints in each project, thereby achieving broad support for the project. Gary believes that an open exchange of goals and ideas is the best way to start out, and that with this type of solid beginning, customers will get their business goals met, Burke & Associates will be able to exceed their customers’ expectations, and bottom line concerns will be addressed. Gary’s straight forward manner at all times demonstrates his earnest concern for the customer’s priorities while not compromising the most appropriate solution for the end result.

Gary’s has a solid background in Network Management and Administration. A hallmark of Burke & Associates’ Network Design and Solutions services is our ability to provide highly technical expertise allowing our customers to make truly informed decisions. Gary has a demonstrated gift as a team leader and mentor that provides him the ability to lead teams in solving complex IT problems. His belief in setting challenging yet attainable goals means deadlines are met and business goals achieved. His certification in Project Management is an asset to Burke & Associates and allows him to use this sophisticated problem solving and scheduling tool-set when the project will benefit by it.

Prior to becoming Burke & Associates President and CEO, Gary was a System Manager, Software Developer, and Trouble Shooter for Kaiser Permanente. While there he helped lead the Northwest Region’s participation in a project to enable a standardized, secure, nationwide email platform.

Gary’s strong IT background in Health Care resulted in his being asked to step into the role of Systems & Programming Manager at Marin General Hospital. As a consultant he went on to manage the Information Services, Medical Records, and Telecommunications departments as their Chief Information Officer. At Marin he managed IT teams, structured team responsibilities and accountabilities, sat on the hospital executive team and had ownership of the IT budget. The executive team at Marin General Hospital asked Gary to remain in this role, however he chose to return to Portland, and helped the executive team On-Board his replacement.

Gary was asked to become one of the auditors Intel Corporation needed to coordinate it’s year 2000 initiative. His responsibilities were to oversee the product auditing work of three business units encompassing several states. In this capacity he facilitated the audits in each business unit and reported each unit’s process. The groups included Embedded Microprocessors, Mobile Handheld Platform, and Network Communications. His teams’ ability to secure commitments from division leaders for product assessments, resolutions and audit reviews were lauded at the highest levels at Intel.

While Gary possesses exceptional skills in the Information Technology field, he is equally gifted with strong communication abilities. He has the unique talent to help others understand the complexity of Information Technology, the importance of preventive methodologies, and the impact of making hardware and software purchasing decisions. He is able to communicate with experienced IT professionals and with those who are computer illiterate. This unique skill is truly the hallmark of Burke & Associates. It allows our customers to have a strong comfort level, knowing they are dealing with an expert team of Information Technology professionals!

Burke & Associates imperative is: “See constantly through the eyes of the customer and act accordingly”. This is lived out through Gary’s day-to-day activities. He keeps the customer’s needs always in sight; he solidly demonstrates the high value he places on our customers; yet, he is not afraid to confront — in a collegial “win-win” context — as he truly believes that helping the customer make excellent choices requires high trust and rock solid integrity.

His experience consists of:

Management: Large and small scale Project Management; Project design and execution; Personnel Management at the divisional level; Strategic and Operational Decision Making at the divisional level; Team Leadership, and Mentoring.

Training: Network Administration and Project Management Certification; Training for IS teams; Postmaster Training for IS personnel; End User classes in database, word processing, spreadsheet, and Internet training for IS peers.