Our approach is unusual, however, in that we focus only on those areas that have a direct impact on the organization’s ability to achieve mission-critical objectives. So as your people strengthen their performance, they optimize the organization’s performance as well.Individual Career Transition Coaching.

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Individual Career Coaching is a results-driven process, and a highly customized process led by Pat Burke, the Executive Vice President of Burke and Associates. She effectively tailors the program to the individuals need and focus. This effectively enables people to know their interests are being heard; that their interests are important; that they have a reputable coach who will walk with them in a time that can be fraught with conflicting feelings. She helps people / contributors turn workplace competence into bench strength that others, including themselves, recognize.


Coaching Definition Chart

Burke and Associates recognizes the common “language” being used to define the coaching process and we want to share with you our understandings (in brief) so that we have a solid benchmark from which to work. We believe there is value in utilizing this tool as a common understanding – as a platform for our further discussion. (Click image to open PDF file).

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Leadership ranks an organization’s ability to develop strong leaders among the top five factors in achieving a competitive advantage. Fortunately, one-on-one executive coaching has proved to be a powerful and cost-effective development tool to accelerate executives’ and managers’ uneven or emerging leadership capability.